Welcome to the North Georgia GMRS Website.

GA-725 Thomasville, GA


Status:  On-Line

Open to all transient users.  Permission is not required.  The frequency is monitored 24×7.

Reported Areas of Good Coverage:   Range is between 5 and 15 miles

Propagation Map:  Not available

Location:  Thomasville, GA


  • Repeater: Kenwood TKR-820
  • Repeater Antenna: Omni Gain
  • Feedline: Heliax Andrew LMR-400
  • Site ASL Elevation: 255′
  • Tower/Antenna Height: 40′ AGL
  • Frequency: 462.700/467.700 mHz
  • PL/DPL Tone:  103.5 Hz
  • System Type: Permission Required
Owned by James Lumpkin
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